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Deputy Chief David Fallon Selected as Next Police Chief

Today it was announced on the City of Somerville's website that Mayor Curtatone selected current Deputy Chief, David Fallon, to become the next Chief of Police.  Deputy Fallon accepted the offer and now waits formal confirmation and swearing in by the Board of Alderman at their next meeting on August 28th.

You can read all about Deputy Fallon's background, career accomplishments, and the selection process here.


Congratulations Chief Fallon.


Save Kids from Heatstroke

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is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of July 2014 to

Officer Maryanne Manfra

Officer Maryanne Manfra has been a dedicated member of the Somerville Police Department for 20 years. On Wednesday, June 4th Officer Manfra, was asked to accompany Cindy Hickey, to a well being check for a client that had some mental health issues. When Officer Manfra and Ms. Hickey arrived and Mr. LeBlanc opened the door, the smell of natural gas was overwhelming.  Officer Manfra immediately called the Fire Department and the Nstar Gas Company. While on scene, Officer Manfra became concerned about the conditions of Mr. LeBlanc’s home and discovered that he was taking medications dated from 2003 and 2008. These medications were seized and destroyed. The fire department arrived, tested for gas readings, and left when the meters read “no gas fumes.” However, Officer Manfra was relentless in the fact that there was an odor. After another 30 minutes of dealing with the elder’s mental health issues, both Officer Manfra and Ms Hickey departed from the apartment. Not comfortable with the status of Mr. LeBlanc, Officer Manfra returned to this apartment where she encountered an Nstar representative. Officer Manfra assisted in helping to move the counter beside the stove so that the Nstar representative could get a better look at the back of the stove. There he discovered a major gas leak at the valve connection of the stove. Officer Manfra remained at the residence until the gas leak issue was repaired. Officer Manfra’s instincts and her eventual discovery of a gas leak within this elderly person’s apartment avoided a potential fatality or possibly an explosion in the future.  Her actions are worthy of this above and beyond the call of duty award.


Charles J. Femino, Chief of Police

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