How to Become A Police Officer in Massachusetts

Designed to help you jump start your law enforcement career and become a Municipal Police Officer or MBTA Transit Police Officer. This is your opportunity to learn the best way to get hired - including the critical entrance examination process, physical abilities test, interview experience and academy training.

This course is designed and taught by Attorney John Sofis Scheft - a professional police trainer, consultant and author with over 25 years of criminal justice experience in Massachusetts.

*Check-in begins at 8:30 a.m.
**Study materials are included with the course.


APPLY to be a police officer

  1. Civil Service vs. Non-Civil Service Hiring 
  2. Application for the Exam
  3. Physical Abilities Test (PAT) 
  4. Background Investigation 
  5. Interviewing Tips

TEST to be a police officer

  1. Understanding the Exam Components 
  2. Reading Comprehension 
  3. Proper Grammar & Writing
  4. Problem Solving & Reasoning
  5. Law Interpretation 
  6. Information Ordering
  7. Work Style Questionnaire 
  8. Life Experience Survey
  9. Time Management & Other Key Tips

TRAIN to be a police officer 

  1. The Academy Experience 
  2. The Agency Environment

Student Quote:  "My exam score went up 10 points after this class and my interview improved.  That was huge.  I just graduated from a municipal police academy.  This course helps big time!"

$99 (4 hour course); Includes class, study and interview tips, and over 300 page manual with hundreds of practice questions!

This information was provided by the Municipal Police Institute Website.

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