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SOMERVILLE POLICE BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY AWARD is presented for outstanding dedication and effort for the month of May 2013 to

Officer Devin Schneider

The Somerville Police Department understands the correlation between crime and mental illness and recognizes that treatment of an individual’s illness may serve the community far better than incarceration. Officer Devin Schneider, who has been a member of the Somerville Police Department for past two years, is an example of this commitment. The department received notification of a threatening letter that had been sent to a community member and it was later learned that the individual that sent this letter may have also violated a restraining order. Officer Schneider identified the suspect and recognized that the individual was in need of mental health assistance. Instead of arresting the suspect, Officer Schneider was able to document the individuals declining mental health, which may have resulted in the suspect’s involvement with the alleged crimes, and undertook the long process of identifying the suspect’s doctor. Officer Schneider made the appropriate arraignments for this individual to be back in treatment, which also alleviated the individual’s involvement with criminal activity. This perseverance and compassion displayed by Officer Schneider was well beyond the call of duty and merits this award.
Thomas Pasquarello, Chief of Police


devin may2013


Memorial Day Parade 2013

Members of the Somerville Police Department, led by the Somerville Police Honor Guard marched in the annual Memorial Day parade.  The MIT Police Honor Guard also marched in tribute to Officer Sean Collier, who was killed in the line of duty last month.





Somerville Police Officially Open New Roll Call Room

With today being Peace Officers Memorial Day, it seemed fitting that the Somerville Police officially opened a new roll call room.  The opening ceremony and memorial day remembrances also included a presentation of an American flag which was flown over Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  The flag and certificate was presented to the Somerville Police Department by one of our own officers, Randy Isaacs, who is also a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant and served in Afghanistan.

 DSC 0002

Day Shift gather in the new roll call room.

DSC 0003

Day Shift gather in the new roll call room and stand at attention.

 DSC 0005

Chief Paquarello addresses the officers.

DSC 0008

DSC 0015

Officer Randy Isaacs presents a flag that was flown over Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan.

DSC 0016

DSC 0021

Lt. Donovan reads roll and briefs the officers. 

DSC 0027

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