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McQuestion Award 2016

SOMERVILLE, MA-- It is with great pleasure that we annouce this year's McQuestion Award Recipients. On Saturday, November 12, 2016, Officer Tyler Sousa was awarded for his involvement in the incident de-escalation and disarming of a mentally disturbed man with a box cutter at Home Depot. 

Officers Alan Monaco and Robert Hartsgrove were also awarded for their involvement in the de-escalation and disarming of a mentally disturbed woman with a knife. 

Christine Bork, who was also awarded the Beyond the Call of Duty Award this June is also this year's Alexander McQuestion Award recipient for her selfless act of kindness toward a homeless man at Assembly Row. 

Congratulations to these great Officers! Their training and caring hearts demonstrate our Department's commitment to our community. 

IMG 2821

(From the Left: Chief David Fallon, Officers Alan Monaco,

Tyler Sousa & Deputy Chief Stephen Carrabino)

  IMG 0092x

(From the Left: Deputy Chief Stephen Carrabino,

Officer Christine Bork, & Chief David Fallon)


Regional CISM Team


For Immediate Release

November 2, 2016



Jeremy Warnick, Cambridge Police

Director of Communications


Regional Police Departments Form Critical Incident Stress Management Team

Eight police departments from the greater Boston area today announced the establishment of a Regional Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team. The team, which was founded and will be facilitated by the Cambridge Police Department, also includes members of the Arlington, Belmont, Brookline, Chelsea, Everett, Somerville and Watertown Police Departments. The purpose of the program is to help officers prepare for and respond to critical incidents with a focus on their wellness and resiliency.

Members of this Regional CISM Team will serve as regional peer support officers to assist participating communities in responding to major critical events and to those officers who have been affected by these incidents. Each of the participating departments have three to five officers who were trained and certified by Peer Support Service LLC in Critical Incident Stress Management. Certified officers will be activated, as needed, by participating agencies to voluntarily attend group crisis interventions, including demobilizations, defusing and debriefings. They will also be available as ongoing peer support resources for affected officers within the participating region.

"Preparing for critical incidents and their aftermath is an important proactive approach we as a regional police community absolutely needed to take to more effectively support the wellness of our officers," said Commissioner Christopher J. Burke of the Cambridge Police Department. "Present day policing is under a hyper-microscope and, as a result, the stresses officers are facing now are greater than anytime I can recall over my 32 years in law enforcement. I applaud our neighboring communities for their willingness to join us in developing and establishing this valuable resource for all eight jurisdictions."

According to Chief Daniel O'Leary of the Brookline Police Department, "Police officer wellness is extremely important. This team will provide an opportunity for an officer who has just experienced a traumatic event to talk with people who understand what they went through and what they will experience in the coming days and weeks. This is a unique opportunity to support officers as they process their feelings and concerns stemming from an incident they dealt with. Our officers deserve this and more."

"It's extremely important for us as police leaders to ensure that we do everything we can to help our front line officers be resilient and to cope with the everyday stressors that they are dealing with on our streets," said Chief Steven Mazzi of the Everett Police Department. "We're used to taking care of people in crisis, but this gives us a better chance to have a safety net when our people may be in crisis."

Chief Brian Kyes of the Chelsea Police Department said, "I have seen first-hand the type of trauma and stress officers have had to deal with after navigating a critical incident. Having as many resources and support services in place is not only going to lead to a healthier officer, but a healthier police department."

"I think this is a very important program and one that is long over-due," said Chief Richard McLaughlin of the Belmont Police Department, "It is also important, as noted, that the eight departments have come together to form this partnership and regional effort, but more importantly are able to offer this assistance and resource to our department members, when they are asked to manage and deal with all the situations that they are presented with on a daily basis."

Agency Media Contacts

Arlington Police
Captain Richard Flynn – 781-316-3907

Belmont Police
Assistant Chief Jamie MacIsaac – 617-993-2574

Brookline Police
Lieutenant Philip Harrington – 617-730-2222

Cambridge Police

Director of Communications Jeremy Warnick – 617-349-3237

Chelsea Police
Captain Keith Houghton – 617-828-5722

Everett Police
Chief Steve Mazzie – 617-394-2365

Somerville Police
Deputy Chief Paul Trant - 617-625-1600

Watertown Police

Lieutenant James O’Connor - 617-972-6500



No Shave, Winter of Giving

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SOMERVILLE MA- To further the Somerville Police Department efforts to give back to the local community the Somerville Police Department have chosen to donate to the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS). Since 1981, this organization is dedicated to ending poverty in Somerville by working with the community families and individuals to eliminate societal conditions that cause and perpetuate poverty. Today, CAAS has become an adaptive agency that has provided a platform for people to voice their concerns and gain visibility in service of the community. This donation will allow CAAS to support and create new programs to aid families while continuing to meet the needs of the ever-changing community in Somerville. Therefore, any Officer who donates to this organization will be entitled to keep their beards for four months to show their support and foster camaraderie. Grooming standards for the time of November 1st through February 28th, 2017 have been waived for those Officers. Officers will resume with a clean shave, in compliance with department regulations by March 1st, 2017. 


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