What is CIT? The Crisis Intervention Team program is a community partnership for law enforcement, mental health and addiction professionals.

This program helps bring an innovative model of first-responder training that was first developed as the "Memphis Model" in 1988. Since then, this model has spread across the country and gained momentum in 2007. The program has laid the foundational network to assist individuals suffering with a mental disorder and/or addiction with community and statewide solutions.

The basic goals is to improve officer and consumer safety and help persons with mental disorders/addictions access medical treatment rather than place them in the criminal justice system due to illness related behaviors. -CIT International, Inc.

This year, CIT International Inc will host their conference to help law enforcement and other health professionals expand their knowledge, gain inspiration and build strong partnerships between law enforcement and those that live with mental illness and/or addiction. The Somerville Police's local CIT program have provided valuable classes and resources to the Somerville community. Not only by engaging the Somerville public with courses like "Recovery Coach Traing and Mental Health First Aid Training" but also bringing innovative and effect police-based crisis intervention training to local police departments across Massachusetts.