June 1, 2020

On Sunday evening, the Somerville Police Department sent officers to Boston to assist with public safety efforts not just because we have a long-standing mutual aid agreement with Boston, and not just because we are duty bound to protect all free speech, but because, as a department, we wanted to ensure that peaceful voices would have a safe place to speak up about what we also feel as trained officers and simply as people: the tragic death of George Floyd was avoidable, unwarranted, and, in our eyes, criminal. We stand with and are proud of the peaceful protesters for voicing their calls for change and for demanding that what happened to Mr. Floyd, never happens again.

Procedurally just, compassionate, unbiased policing must be our path moving forward. As a Department we are working to help keep the focus on this message and not focus on the few who followed the peaceful protests with harm and havoc. Our message is clear: We as a Profession and society can and must, face our failings and do so much better.
We sent four officers and a supervisor to assist with the peaceful demonstration, and around 11 p.m., after Boston sent out a call for further aid, we sent four more officers and a supervisor. We will continue to protect and serve and strive daily to be part of the change our nation so desperately needs.
Chief David Fallon, Somerville Police Department