Somerville Police Respond to Assault

21043745: On 8/22/21 at approximately 8:30 AM, Somerville Police responded to Union Square for report of an injured party. Upon arrival, officers located two males, one of whom was suffering from an injury to his nose. Reportedly, the males were involved in a physical altercation that resulted in them assaulting each other.


21043798: On 8/22/21 at approximately 5:40 PM, Somerville Police responded to a Somerville residence for report a person armed with a gun and threatening self-harm. Upon arrival, officers were informed that the person in question had now self-barricaded inside the residence. In a professional & compassionate approach, officers were able to deescalate the very dangerous situation and convince the person to exit the residence. A job well done using crisis intervention techniques by Somerville Police officers to help a community member in crisis.