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Sergeant John Gobiel
Unit Supervisor
617-625-1600 x 7245

The Taxi Bureau issues two types of Taxi Driver Licenses, a 60 day probationary license, and 2-year Taxi Driver Licenses. 

Application for Somerville Livery License



1st: A potential Taxi Driver must obtain “broker’s letter” or letter of intent to hire from one of the Taxicab Medallion holders.

2nd: The applicant must come to the Taxi Bureau located at the Somerville Police Station at 220 Washington Street. The person fills out an application for a Taxi Driver’s License.

3rd: The Taxi Bureau performs a background check on the applicant. If the person passes the background check he/she is given an appointment to take to Taxi Exam.

4th: On Thursday, by appointment, from 7AM - 12PM the Taxi Bureau gives a 40 question multiple choice exam based on the Taxi Rules, ability to read a map and a person’s knowledge of the city. Upon passing the exam an applicant will be issued a 60-day probationary Taxi Driver’s License.


Once a Taxi Driver completes his/her 60-day probationary period without any problems they will be issued a 2-year Taxi Driver’s license. The cost is payable in money order only. We don’t accept cash, checks or credit cards “MONEY ORDERS ONLY!!. All 2-year licenses expire on May 1st.




Taxi cabs are subject to two types of inspections, the Random inspection and the Yearly inspection. 


All Taxi Medallions must be renewed by the end of June of each year. Prior to the renewal each Taxi Meter must have a current seal from the, Division of Weights and Measures on the meter. A copy of the inspection form and flier will be left in each broker’s mailbox at Green Cab weeks before the inspections begin. The yearly Taxi inspections are held during the Month of June normally on Tuesday from 9AM-12PM. The inspections are held at the Green Automotive Garage, located at 85 Foley Street. The inspections are on a “first come first serve” basis. The inspection will take approx. 15 – 20 minutes. Each Taxicab to be inspected must bring a typed out inspection form, a copy of the registration and a copy of the current meter seal.


According to City Ordinance the Taxi Sergeant has the right to stop a Taxicab at anytime to conduct a random taxi inspection. Normally the random inspections are held at the taxi stands while the cabs are at rest and not on a call. The random inspection consists of the following. A check of the cab for cleanliness inside and out, all lights are working, the driver is wearing his/her Taxi License, the driver has as active trip sheet, and the driver is wearing proper attire.

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