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The snow Emergency will remain in effect until TODAY, Monday Feb. 11 at 6pm, and the parking ban will remain in effect until that time. Vehicles parked in municipal lots will have until 8pm to leave the lots so that City crews may begin cleanup of all school and metered parking lots.

Please remember that residents and businesses MUST shovel the sidewalks in front of their property within 6 hours after the end of a storm or will be subject to... fines. Shoveling snow into the street is not permitted. Please also remember to clear vents in your home and exhaust pipes on cars to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and fire hazards. Also, if you are able, please assist the Somerville Fire Dept. by clearing paths to fire hydrants in your neighborhood.

We thank you for your cooperation and patience throughout this difficult storm, and appreciate your continued support.



NEMO DAY #3 UPDATE: Answers to the top 5 questions:

1. EMERGENCY STILL IN EFFECT: The snow emergency and parking ban is still in effect. We will announce the end of the emergency as soon as City officials make this decision. Please visit for guidelines on clearing and moving your car after the emergency ends.

2. PLOWING: If your street has not been plowed, please report it to 311. If you street was not plowed exactly to the even-side curb or if some snow was plowed onto the sidewalk, please understand that this was an extraordinary amount of snow. It may be this was the only option on your street. If you remain concerned, please report the issue to 311.

3. CITY LOTS: DPW expects to have school and City lots plowed by this afternoon. Once the emergency has been lifted, cars parked in these lots must be moved within 2 hours.

4. SIDEWALKS: By this morning all sidewalks should have been shoveled. Homeowners & businesses have 6 hours of daylight after the end of snowfall to clear sidewalks. Those who do not clear them may be subject to ticketing.

5. SHOVELING: Residents and businesses are NOT allowed to shovel snow into the street. This can create a dangerous situation for both drivers and emergency vehicles.


Snow Emergency Update

The following snow update just went out from Mayor Joe Curtatone: The City of Somerville's Snow Emergency will remain in effect until further notice. The Governor's travel ban is also still in effect, and any driver on the road will be subject to action by local or state police. Snow and high winds are predicted for several more hours. Our DPW crews will continue to clear roadways throughout the weekend, and will plow to the curb to ensure access for all public safety vehicles. Due to poor visibility created by high winds and snow drifts, we urge all residents, especially small children, to stay off the roads until further notice. We will continue to provide updates as necessary, and you can also visit the City's Facebook page and Twitter feeds, or call 311 Somerville with any non-emergency questions. Thank you for your continued assistance as we work to make our City safe and accessible.

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