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IACP 2016



SOMERVILLE MA- Chief David R. Fallon and Commander Staff are joining The International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference at the San Diego Convention Center. Keynote speakers such as FBI Director James Comey and others join this four-day conference, beginning October 15 through the 18th, that provide federal, state, county, local and tribal law enforcement engencies across the nation with essential resources and tool to better serve their communities. This event echos the same partnership efforts our Somerville Police Department has established with Somerville youths in events like the Walking Dialogue Series this summer from The Center for Teen Empowerment, Inc. Other programs include, the S.T.E.P.S program which has begun its second year in Somerville. 



National Take Back Day 2016

drug-943759 640What is Substance Misuse?

Substance misuse includes the use of drugs that can change your mood, such as tranquilizers, alcohol, or illegal drugs. "Risky Drinking" or unsafe use of medications are also substance misuse. This abuse can cause many health problems and problems with family and friends. 

Medication misue can also occur when using prescription or over-the-counter drug that is different from how it was prescribed. Taking too much or too little, even mixing medications are ways medication is misused. 



Take the Self-Assesment of Drinking Patterns below to see if you should worry about your drinking. 

Self-Assessment of Drinking Patterns

Take this short quiz to see if you should be worried about your drinking. Score one point for every "YES" answer, zero for every "NO" response. 

Add up your score in the end.


     Yes   No 
1. When talking with others, do you ever underestimate how much you drink (telling others you drink less than you do)?     
2. After a few drinks, have you sometimes not eaten or been able to skip a meal because you didn't feel hungry?    
3. Does having a few drinks help decrease your shakiness or tremors?    
4. Does alcohol sometimes make it hard for you to remember parts of the day or night?    
5. Do you usually take a drink to relax or calm your nerves?    
6. Do you drink to take  your mind off your problems?    
7. Have you ever increased your drinking after experiencing a loss in your life (someone you love dies)?    
8. Has a doctor or nurse ever said they were worried or concerned about your drinking?    
9. Have you ever made rules to manage your drinking?    
10. When you feel lonely, does having a drink help?    
  Total Score    

Scoring: 2 or more "Yes" responses indicates an alcohol problem. Talk with your doctor or contact one of the resources below to get help with managing your or a loved one's drinking.


Please see the additional resources below: 


Got Meds? Dispose of Them Safely

Preventing Teen Prescription Medicine Abuse: Fact Sheet

24-Hour Kiosk Drop Off-Somerville MA

Message from the Geriatric Mental Health Foundation



Somerville Police Seeking to Identify Bank Robber


Somerville Police Seeking to Identify Bank Robber 

SOMERVILLE-- Chief Fallon and the Somerville Police Department are seeking the public's help in identifying a man believed to be responsible for three bank robberies this month. 


-9/6/2016: Santander Bank on Highland Avenue is robbed by a man in a brown hooded sweatshirt.

-9/22/2016: Winter Hill Bank on Cutter Avenue is robbed by a similar looking man in a gray hooded sweatshirt. 

-9/27/2016: Century Bank on Fellsway West is robbed by a similar looking man in a blue hooded sweatshirt. 

In each robbery, the man handed a note to the teller demanding money and fled with a quantity of cash. 

The suspect, believed to be pictured above in all three robberies, is described as a white male, in his 20s or early 30s, with thin facial hair.


A cash reward is being offered through MassMostWanted for any information that leads police to the capture of this dangerous suspect. These cases are also being investigated by the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force. 


If anyone recognizes this individual or has any information on any of these bank robberies, they are asked to call 617-799-9138. 


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