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Shopping Season 2017

Shop Smart, Shop Safe

Somerville, MA., --This week marks the beginning of the annual holiday gift buying season. Each year, more and more shoppers are using online or catalog services to order gifts. Unfortunately, this is also the season when the theft of delivered packages increases across the nation and Somerville is no exception. Credit card fraud is also on the rise this year. Everyone should always be vigilant when it comes to shopping this year. On average during the holiday months (Nov 1. - Jan 31.) the Somerville Police see an average of 9 package thefts reported compared to the non-holiday months (Feb 1. - Oct 31. ) when this number is approximately 4. The goal is to reduce this type of theft from happening at all. 

PackageTheft Graph

*Package Thefts are one of the most unreported crimes, as a result these numbers should be interpreted as estimates. 

The graph above is intended to show approximate peak season of package theft activity.

Shopping Safety Tips

There are many steps that home shoppers can take to reduce the chance that deliveries will be stolen and also reduce the number of break-ins. Here are some helpful tips:

Make your home look occupied---leave lights on when you go out. If you are going to be away for a length of time, connect some lamps to automatic timers to turn them on in the evening and off during the day. Install exterior motion-sensitive light for backyards.

Locking doors----including patio and basement doors. Pushbutton locks are easy for burglars to open, switch to deadbolts on outside doors! More than 40% of break-ins happen without the use of force.

Don't allow mail to build up while your away, this is a sure indicator that no one is in and makes your home a target for burglars. Instead, arrange for your Post Office to hold your mail or have a friend or neighbor take them in. If your work allows it, have your packages sent to your office.

Properly dispose of boxes and documents. For example, a flat-screen TV box announces to potential burglars that you have a brand new TV.

Always keep your financial information private. The fewer thieves know about you, the better.


Odd Side Parking

snow emergency inserts multilingual copy Page 1The City of Somerville---This winter, when a snow emergency is declared in Somerville, all cars must park on the odd side of the street (unless signs on the street say otherwise, such as if it is a one-way street that allows only even-side parking year-round). To receive snow emergency announcements by phone, text message, or email, sign up at To learn more about snow emergency parking and shoveling rules, visit And always feel free to contact 311 (617 666-3311) with any questions.


Rest In Peace Officer Louis "Lou" Remigio

It is with extreme sadness that we announce the death of our brother, Officer Louis Remigio. On Monday night, October 9, Officer Remigio succumbed to injuries sustained while involved in a motor vehicle accident on I-95 in North Hampton, New Hampshire, on Sunday, October 8.
Officer Remigio was a 30-year veteran of the Somerville Police Department, having joined the department in March 1988. Most recently, he served in the department’s Traffic Unit. Over his 30-year tenure, Officer Remigio received multiple awards for service to the community, including two Life-Saving Awards, a Meritorious Service Award, a Beyond the Call of Duty Award, and numerous commendations both by his colleagues and by community members.
“Louie was a first class human being and exactly the kind of police officer you want serving your community; he was tough yet kind, empathetic, and fair. As a Chief, you always want to see that any interaction your officers have with community members are changing people’s lives for the better, and Officer Remigio embodied that one thousand percent,” said Chief of Police David Fallon. “Louie was a very important part of this department, and I cannot begin to express what his loss will mean not only to each of us in the Somerville Police Department but to the Somerville community. My heart and my prayers are with his family during this time of unimaginable loss.”
“Officer Remigio was not only one of the most dedicated officers, but he was a well-respected and well-loved member of our city,” said Mayor Joseph Curtatone. “Whether responding to an emergency, conducting his daily duties, or assisting with one community event or another, Lou met each person with compassion, with a smile, and he was known for going the extra mile to keep our residents safe. His loss will be immeasurable in the Somerville Police Department, and today we grieve as a community for Officer Remigio, for his family, and for his brothers and sisters in the Somerville Police Department.”
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