The Somerville Police Honor Guard has been established to represent the Somerville Police Department, its officers, and families at police funerals, parades, and other ceremonial occasions.

If there is a line-of-duty death or serious injury of a sworn officer or civilian employee, the department provides proper support for the officer or civilian employee’s family. Honor Guards work closely with Department Liaison Officer who serves as a facilitator between the family and the police department. Both the Department Liaison Officer and the Funeral Liaison Officer work together to ensure that the needs and requests of the family are fulfilled and include coordinating with the honor guards, pall bearers, and traffic control.

The Honor Guard consists of members of the Somerville Police who are highly motivated, maintain exceptionally high standards of appearance and conduct, and show an aptitude for ceremonial duty. The Somerville Police Honor Guard also serve as the "guardians of the colors" by displaying and escorting the national flag at official local/state functions.