The Somerville Police Department, as

part of, and empowered by, the

community, is committed to protect the 

lives, property, and rights of all people,

to maintain order, and to enforce the law impartially.

Members of the department are committed to racial and social justice

and actively pursue the cooperation of every 

resident in an effort to create a police/community

partnership that is sensitive to the

multitude of cultures that make up the

human fabric of our community. To

fulfill our mission, we will utilize

innovative and proven crime prevention

strategies and problem-solving

partnerships with our community.



The core values of the Somerville Police Department are:

1. To make Somerville safe in ways that reflect our democratic values and that fulfill the commitment to police Somerville without violating our legal, moral, and ethical principles

2. To treat every individual with civility, courtesy, sensitivity, and respect

3. To act with integrity

4. To provide quality service

5. To listen carefully and act appropriately

6. To respect stability and embrace change, keeping what works and changing what could work better

7. To value diversity and inclusion

8. To discharge faithfully our role as guardians of the public trust and intervene when people's rights are violated

9. To partner with the public in an effort to solve community problems

10. To act with this thought in mind: to the citizens of Somerville, at all times in our actions we represent the government